1 more step, 5 more minutes

Before you give up, just take 1 more step.

Story time.

I have 2 rules for myself: post visuals daily and make something every day.

It’s 2.52am as I write this. I almost went to sleep without making a visual for the day. Now I’m glad I forced myself to try even though it’s been a demoralising and depressing 2 weeks.

Because every day is an opportunity to cast a vote for who we want to be.

If I gave in, I would weaken my identity as someone who tries to make something daily.

And I would have reinforced the belief that I’m a person who gives in.

If you have a commitment or goal, you’ll often be tempted to give in.

In the moment of weakness, take 1 more step, persist for 5 more minutes or decide you’ll quit at another time (instead of right now).

Because the weakness is often momentary.

And you’ll be glad you persisted.

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Jun Han Chin

I write and illustrate ideas around personal development so that you can be 3x more awesome | twitter.com/junhanchin | instagram.com/junhanchin