Keep at it.

Everyone wishes for tall trees and tasty fruits but only a few tend to young saplings and see them through to maturity. The days are long and conditions are rarely ideal. But a farmer keeps going because he knows that the reward is worth the effort.




Don’t think. Just do.

Imposter syndrome happens when we compare ourselves with some form of standard. It could be a comparison of ourselves with other people or with some desired result. These comparisons are simply opinions.

If it’s a goal worth doing, nothing else but action matters. Don’t compare. Don’t think. Just do.

By all means, seek the opinion and advice of others to inform your decisions and actions. But don’t let opinions stop you from doing great things.


(Today’s newsletter is inspired by Top Gun Maverick)



We don’t really quit a habit. It’s just an endless war against the temptation.

Quit smoking? You simply got good at resisting it.

Became sober? You simply learned to avoid alcohol.

The years since you last engaged with an undesirable habit don’t really give you immunity to the addictive effects of those substances or behaviour. It’s ridiculously easy to fall back into the habit. We’re never quite “done” with bad habits.

So think of it this way: You’re building up a new strength — the strength to resist. And you’ll only keep getting stronger as the days go by.

Keep fighting the good fight.



Video games have a lot to teach us about mindset.

Just by living and breathing, we’re just waiting for the next crisis, be it the next pandemic, war or financial crisis.

That generally brings a sense of doom and gloom.

When dealing with crises, big or small, public or personal, turning from pessimism to a sense of challenge should help.

Just like video games. Gamers don’t shy away from difficult boss monsters. Gamers ask “how am I going to beat this level?” and “How am I going to get the highest score and complete this mission at the best speed?”

Not “oh no!”,

but “what am I going to do to get through this?”

or even “how am I going to get through this and come out on top?”



Life is full of disappointments. We want many things but settle for less.

Sometimes we get what we want. Most of those times, however, we realise that what we got isn’t what we hoped it to be. Disappointment reveals itself.

But every now in then, we get what wish for and we’re so fulfilled. And these rare moments outshine those darker moments we endure and make it all worth it.