Don’t go that extra mile

TL;DR: Go the extra mile only sparingly, and not all the time. This applies to all of our relationships — clients, colleagues, bosses, family, spouses, children, etc.

Do what is required, expected and effective.

“It’s 1.29am. Almost done with my work out. Doing some extra sets because I always go the extra mile.” — a gym bro on Instagram.

🤣 Stop it

At 1.29am you should be sleeping.

Here’s another one I’ve heard: “I’m the first one in and last one out the office.”

Does being the worker who works the longest hours mean you’re producing the best results? I don’t know about you, but I produce the best results when I’m well rested. My most productive days are when I aim to finish work in less time than usual. That’s how I grow. It could be the nature of my job (sales), but the point is that staying long does not mean more work is done.

Going “above and beyond” doesn’t always help.

Imagine if you can’t handle spicy food and the chef heaped chili into your dish because he thinks he’s adding value to your meal.

Or your bubble tea maker adds 150% sugar for your drink when you asked for 25% sugar because she subscribes to the idea that she needs to “always provide additional value.”

Sometimes it’s counterproductive to do more.

Do what is expected and do it well.

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