“I don’t know how but I’ll make it work”

How do you deal with anxiety and imposter syndrome?

Doing something new can be daunting. We don’t always know if we’d do well.

Seeing a pro at work can make you feel incompetent. I felt that when I watched a 16-year sales veteran talk to clients in my previous job. But remember that competence comes from experience and the will to improve.

If you ever find yourself doing something new and feeling the imposter syndrome, remember these 2 ideas:

Imposter syndrome and performance anxiety aren’t pleasant until you reframe it. It used to cripple me until I learned that they are signals that you have room to grow.

It’s better to be in a room with people that makes you feel like an imposter than being the smartest person in the room.

You’ve survived everything so far and you’ll get through the next one.

Here’s a mantra I repeat to myself when doing something new, be it joining a new job, becoming a content creator or creating an online course:

“I don’t know how I’d do. But I’ll make it work.”

You’ll survive. You might even surprise yourself and do brilliantly well. That’s the fun part of taking on new challenges.

If you’re ever in a similar situation and feeling nervous or stressed out, I hope these ideas give you strength too.

Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might benefit from this.

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Speaking of doing something new, I’m creating my first self-paced online course to teach you how you can illustrate ideas. Course launches in Nov / Dec 2022.

This is designed for newbies. No art or design background needed.

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Jun Han Chin

I write and illustrate ideas around personal development so that you can be 3x more awesome | twitter.com/junhanchin | instagram.com/junhanchin