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Being productive is important.

It is also equally important to remember that we shouldn’t be slaves to the concept of productivity. We can only do so much in our lives.

The concept of productivity becomes a tyrant when people begin to feel bad for spending a few hours watching Netflix or sleeping in on the weekends.

We’ll waste a lot of time doing silly things, unproductive things, and things we’ll regret. But we’ll have done some pretty good things too in our lifetime here on earth.

Productivity is useful but sometimes overrated.

In the end, everything’s going to be ok.

You’ll have done some great stuff.


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Announcement: If you ever fancied illustrating ideas, I am making a course to show you everything I know. Course launches in Nov / Dec 2022.

No art or design background needed.

If you’re totally new, you’ll the fundamentals within 1 hour. You’ll get from 0 to 1. Everything else in the course will help get you from 1 to 100.

Check out the Impactful Illustrator course here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



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Jun Han Chin

I write and illustrate ideas around personal development so that you can be 3x more awesome | |