My plan to lose weight and look lean again

What’s the logic behind this?

We can’t process negatives. Try not to think of a pink elephant and you’ll definitely think of a big, cute, friendly elephant caressing your arm with its trunk in no time. Making a list of beverages to avoid simply makes life difficult for you. For one, you can’t possibly create a comprehensive list. For another, you would have to think about the drink and then fight the temptation.

Stick to your decisions

In Carl Richards’ The Behavior Gap, he talked about how most investors know the right decisions but make the wrong ones anyway because emotions like fear and greed gets in the way of rational thinking.

In summary

  1. Create a rule, or instruction, that tells you explicitly what to do, that excludes any other possibilities.
  2. Give yourself a specific start and end date so that you do not have to wonder if this is a good choice. Give yourself enough time for your chosen strategy to run its course before evaluating its effectiveness.



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Jun Han Chin

Jun Han Chin


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