Pay the premium

TL;DR: If you’re serious about improving your abilities, pay for premium membership.

Would you prefer a $10/week gym membership or a $60/week gym membership?

Most people I know would select the cheapest option. I used to be that person too.

But if you’re really serious about your goals, pay the premium.

A $10/week gym membership doesn’t sting if you miss sessions.

A $60/week gym membership stings if you miss even one session.

You’ll put in more effort when you invest a significant amount of money into a goal.

My new gym membership costs $60 a week. For context, I can get 2 good meals a day with $10.

Because my gym membership is so expensive, I am driven to go to the gym 5–6 times a week so that I can reduce the cost per session.

On one hand it satisfies my need to drive down the cost per session and increase the value of my membership.

On the other, the increased frequency of exercise and the resulting improvement in my fitness provides that sense of progress.

The expense is for more than the facilities. It’s for motivation.

Additionally, we’re influenced by our social environment.

Anyone can sign up to an affordable gym. A gym with unfit people doesn’t remind you of why you’re there.

Expensive gyms attract serious people because they’re there for the best classes and equipment.

Simply seeing the difference between where you are and fellow gym members reminds you about who you want to become.

This applies to other realms too.

Pay a premium to improve your ability

Want to be a better speaker? Many people tout the benefits of joining a Toastmasters club. In my five years of experience with that organisation, I observed more casual attendees than serious students of the skill.

If you’re entirely new to public speaking, you benefit from Toastmasters in the first year. After that, when you get comfortable with practicing with casual members who aren’t hungry for growth, you’ll plateau.

Pay for actual premium coaching and membership to get real growth. Get individualised support and surround yourself with motivated peers.

Want to make more money? Don’t just hang out with your colleagues, especially if your colleagues are just there to clock hours and get the cheque at the end of the month. Work in a competitive organisation. Work in sales. Salespeople are generally more results oriented. Mingle with side hustle groups. Their energy infects you.

A free life hack is social media. Instagram is a platform that largely circulates content about leisure from everyday users. Get on Twitter and you’ll see people actually working on their dreams publicly. Be inspired by them.

The saying goes that you are the average of your five people you spend the most time with. With social media, you get to pick who influences you.

If you’re serious about making progress at a good pace, join a community that is hungry for growth.

More often than not, casual players go for cheap and affordable memberships. To get the fastest growth, put skin in the game. Be personally invested in the outcome.

A shortcut to this is to join a premium community that influences you. This is especially important when you’re starting out.

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