What are you addicted to?

We’re all addicted to something. Make sure it doesn’t limit you.

Could be cigarettes.

Could be drugs.

Could be alcohol.

It could be something as innocent as needing coffee for productivity or fast food for stress relief (this was me).

It may not be immediately harmful, but you might be slowly, imperceptibly, harming yourself.

Removing caffeine from my life has helped me regain my ability to focus better and longer. It took at least 9 long months before I felt the benefits, and I don’t relish being so reliant on coffee again.

Having to rely on something can be a form of weakness. Relentlessly remove your reliance on the things that seemingly help you, but become a crutch.

What bad habits or dependence would you like to quit?

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Useful resource: The 12-question goal setting and review framework (takes 30-minutes)



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Jun Han Chin

I write and illustrate ideas around personal development so that you can be 3x more awesome | twitter.com/junhanchin | instagram.com/junhanchin