What do you not want?

Hi friends. It’s Wednesday morning now — 12.19am as I type this from my bed. I’m well aware that I missed last Sunday’s email, but I didn’t have a useful idea to send you until now. So here it is.

Here’s a trick for when you feel stuck, demoralised, lost or frustrated. If you don’t have the answer to “what do you want?”, ask yourself, “what don’t I want?”

It refines your search parameters. This idea helped me when I felt lost about my career path back when I was an undergraduate. I disliked all my internships and part time jobs. Without asking myself what I didn’t want, I might have forced myself to take up a job that I didn’t like.

Knowing what you don’t want helps you move towards what you may want. It will still take time to identify what you truly want, but you’re less likely to settle for what you didn’t want.

In a world where social pressures shape our decisions, knowing what you don’t want might just help you live a happier life.

Have I found my calling? I’m still searching for a career that satisfies me. But I know I’m happier for not going into public service or education.

So, what about you?

What do you want?

What do you not want?

May you steer clear of unwanted territories and head towards your dreams.



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Jun Han Chin

Jun Han Chin


I write and illustrate ideas around personal development so that you can be 3x more awesome | twitter.com/junhanchin | instagram.com/junhanchin